Cristian SIBIŞAN, Un alt mod de a fiinţa: Monahismul

Abstract: Another way of being: Monasticism. Even if the rite of monastic initiation is no longer numbered among the Sacrements, a certain grace – a certain awareness of the energies of God – are present in monastic initiation and revealed as a mystery only to the initiated, because he has taken upon himself the cross of monasticism. This mystery testifies to the perpetual dynamism of our being, denouncing idleness and the fall of the spirit into the cosiness of this world. The monk adopts a “whole” way of living to live as Christ did, with Whom he unites himself, to be completely merged with all mankind. Monasticism is born of a kind of angelical “genealogy”, which is why the monk, through his monastic life, contemplates the reality of all things. Ascetic efforts, when properly assumed, denounce romantic, “bourgeois monasticism”, reminding those who are attentive that the reality of all things demands “a permanent strenuousness” of temper. Nevertheless, the categorization of one’s status as a monk in Church (hierarchy), or the comparison of the monk’s life with other ways of living blessed by God, ends in a sterile enumeration of a set of “prerogatives” that do not reflect the complexity of this way of life. Monasticism remains a mysterious way of manifesting the profundity and beauty of our being.