Valentin VESA, Monahul şi solidaritatea universală: Sfântul Isaac Sirul şi viziunea sa optimistă asupra vieţii viitoare

Abstract: The monachos and the universal solidarity: Saint Isaac the Syrian and his optimist vision on the life to come. One can observe at Saint Isaac the Syrian, a 7th century Christian writer, a very specific way of understanding Eschatology. The very base for his vision is the unchangeable and equal love of God towards all creation, regardless of its response to it. Therefore, on this very base, God, described as love is the “alpha and omega” of every theology and outside that only concepts. In my paper I am going to look into how Saint Isaac describes the reality of heaven and hell, and, in this frame, what kind of relation takes place between God and humans, between humans themselves and between God, humans and creation in the life to come. The conclusions I will draw go in three directions: first, I will try to inquire some of Isaac’s ideas which seem to contradict the traditional view on eschatology; secondly, I will underline the experiential character of Isaac’s eschatology (Christian all-embracing solidarity) and its role for the understanding of the ‘life to come’; and thirdly, I will picture the importance his optimist theology might have for a distressed and confused society, as the contemporary one.