Teofil TIA, l monachesimo – via “breve” per la divinizzazione dell’uomo

Abstract: The “short” way to Human deification – Premise for an Orthodox reflection on the essential of Monasticism. Monasticism is a direct, firm and “fast approach towards the fulfilment of the Orthodox ideal: the consecration of the person. This is the Orthodox perspective upon living “in the Holy Ghost. Monasticism is the permanent materialization of the process that leads to being part in the Trinitarian life, to “seeing God, to tasting His grace as uncreated energy that flows from His being. This study is the introduction to a pastoral treaty dedicated to monasticism and it is based upon the thoughts of some brilliant western theologians such as Yannis Spiteris, G.I. Mantzaridis and S. Scazzoso whose works are very well known in Italy where they also worked.

consecration, monachism, Trinitarian life, divine energies, immanent absolute