Monica GRAMA, Rânduiala Tunderii în Monahism. Evoluţie şi reformă. Studiu istorico-liturgic

Abstract: The orders of becoming monachos. Evolution and refomation: historical and liturgical study. Examination of Monastic Ordinances during their appearance, from Dionysius the Areopagite, until today, identifies many features, and of theirs content. The need of introduction in ecclesiastical practice some preliminary  Ordinances  for the Great Schima, has been expressed before the period of St. Theodore Studite.  For this reason, since that time in the monastic practice has been introduced The Ordinance of Little Schima, then called Proschima. Despite the protest of St. Theodore Studite, this ordinance of Little Schima gained more sympathy among the monks and established itself permanently in the monastic ordinances towards the end of the millennium I. The study of documents reveals the instability and a variety of preparatory Ordinances for the Great Schima – Little Schima, Proschima and the Rasofory – about which we have information from the earliest years of their introduction into liturgical-monastic practice. To XIV century, preparatory Ordinances for the Great Schima are getting  rich with a new Ordinance for the putting race and the epanokamilavkion, that in the future will have an important role in the history of monastic Ordinances.