Florin BOTEZAN, Monahism şi căsătorie. O analiză din perspectiva dobândirii Împărăţiei cerurilor

Abstract: Monasticism and marriage. An analysis from the perspective of earning the Kingdom of heaven. The Christian life is a life of repentance lived in the perspective of the Kingdom of heaven, a life founded on the faith in the Gospel and on the fulfillment of the commandments of God, summarized in the commandment of love. The Orthodox Church teaching, based on the Bible, is that the advance to the Kingdom of heaven fulfilling the commandment of love revealed by Christ the Savior, can be done in two main ways: marriage and monasticism. The natural way of living of man is the marriage blessed by God at creation and confirmed by Christ. Besides this, the Christian may choose another way, the monastic way, indicated by Christ the Savior, which is the anticipated experience from this world of the eschatological state following the resurrection in the Kingdom of heaven.

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