Emil JURCAN, Vocaţia monahală într-o analiză comparată. Rolul monahismului creştin-ortodox în recuperarea vocaţiei omului mileniului al treilea

Abstract: Monastic vocation in a compared analysis. The role of the Christian-Orthodox monasticism in recovering the vocation of the third milennium man. Monasticism has always been at the forefront of Christianity. He is the most powerful missionary side of the Christ’s Church. Unlike other religions, Orthodox Christian monasticism implies an assumption of divine life; on the other hand, Hindu monasticism, Buddhist or Taoist ones targets only to the idea of liberation out of the karmic chain. The Orthodox Christian Church is not grouped by monastic orders, as in Western Catholic Christianity. There are a series of problems in Eastern Christian monasticism that must be solved. For example: the temptation to be constantly in a material activism: building, restoring etc. Also, unfortunately, ew can speak about a monastic consumerism, which makes sometimes the monastery become a management institution.