Altarul Reîntregirii journal

[ISSN 1584-8051; online ISSN 2457-9394, CNCSIS, code: 660; DOI: 10.29302/AR]


Altarul Reîntregirii is the scientific journal of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, within “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, and the Centre for Interreligious Studies and Christian Psychopedagogy of Alba Iulia. The journal is indexed in the CEEOL, Index Copernicus and Electronic Journals Library databases. Since 2020 Altarul Reîntregirii is also listed in the B category of scientific journals of the National Council for Scientific Research (CNCS) from Romania.

Altarul Reîntregirii was founded in 1996, as a necessity to promote and confront new academic ideas in the field of Theology, and to disseminate the results of the research undergone by the members of the Centre for Interreligious Studies and Christian Psychopedagogy of Alba Iulia.

Due to the contribution in promoting the purposes and pastoral objectives of the Orthodox Church and due to its scientific and informative functions, the publication and diffusion of Altarul Reîntregirii is supported by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Alba Iulia. The printing of the journal is realised by Reîntregirea Publishing House (listed by CNCS in the B category for publishing houses).

The journal addresses the diverse problems of the contemporary society from a theological perspective, promoting the dialogue between theology and culture and offering a Christian response to the challenges of our society. In addition to the research proper to the variety of theological specialties (dogmatic studies, biblical studies, misiology and ecumenism, Christian moral, history and philosophy of religions,  liturgiology, homiletics, canon law, sacred art, church music, apologetics, church history, eco-theology etc.), the journal comprises studies proper to other Humanistic fields (ethics and bioethics, sociology, psychology, psychopedagogy, history, philology, ethnology).

Since its appearance, the journal has been concerned of improving its national and international visibility. The international collaborations have been materialized in exchanges with prestigious academic journals, amongst which are: Christian Bioethics, (Oxford Journals), Irenikon, Communio, Credere Oggi, Contacts, Rivista di Studi Ecumenici etc., and in publishing the scientific contributions of scholars and academics from abroad. Moreover, personalities of the international theological and academic community have been co-opted in the editorial board of the journal.