Altarul Reîntregirii journal

[ISSN 1584-8051; online ISSN 2457-9394, CNCSIS, code: 660; DOI: 10.29302/AR]


The triannual scientific journal of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, and of the Centre for Interreligious Studies and Christian Psychopedagogy of Alba Iulia. This journal is indexed in the CEEOL, Index Copernicus and Electronic Journals Library databases.

Altarul Reîntregirii has appeared in 1996 because of a necessity to confront new academic ideas in the Theology and History fields, as well as for divulging the results of the research started by the members of the Centre for Interreligious Studies and Christian Psychopedagogy of Alba Iulia.

Thanks to the contribution given to the promotion of the objectives and ends of the Orthodox Church, as well as because of its scientific and informative function, Altarul Reîntregirii´s apparition and divulgation is supported also by the Romanian Orthodox Archbishopric of Alba Iulia.

The journal is published at Reîntregirea publishing house (CNCSIS code: 59), a publishing house that is specialized in editing, publishing, and divulging scientific books pertaining to religion and theology.

Proving a continuous progress regarding its quality and presence in academic means in the theology domain, the journal was evaluated and included in 2006 by the CNCSI in the B category, and since 2009 in the B+ category with the “R 660” code. This fact has brought a rise in the attention given to it among researchers in the theology domain as well as a rise in publishing intentions.

The journal’s themes are varied; they address theological matters of numerous kinds: biblical analysis, catechetical, historical, moral and practical studies, issues regarding social theology or life ethics and Ecumenism, as well as studies and research in other domains of human studies (ethics, morals and psychology). In this journal’s pages have published specialists and researchers with worldwide reputation in this domain: Tristram Engelhardt (USA), Corina Delkeskamp (Germany), Irineu Pop (Romania), Radu Preda (Romania), Ludwig Tavernier (Germany), Ioan I. Ică sr. (Romania), Mihai Himcinschi  (Romania), Emil Jurcan (Romania), Viorel Ștefăneanu (France).

The journal keeps and contours its specific theological profile, addressing from a theological viewpoint varied issues regarding contemporary society. Through the studies present in its pages, the journal contributes to the dynamization of the academical research specialized in this field, at both national and international level, especially regarding the addressing of themes that are new in Theology, like Ecotheology and Bioethics, but also general themes regarding the history of the cult. Academic collaborations have happened in the form of journal exchanges, among which are: Christian Bioethics (Oxford Journals), Irenikon, Communio, Credere Oggi, Contacts, Rivista di Studi Ecumenici, etc.

Ever since its apparition, the journal was preoccupied with the improvement of national and international visibility, as well as with scientific quality measurements, through co-optation in the editorial board of famous and specialized academics from the international theological research field (USA, Italy, Germany, France and Bulgaria). Starting with 2006, the editorial board has established new criteria regarding the standards concerning the scientific content and the editing rules.

Throughout 2008, with the purpose of enlarging the visibility and the integration in international databases, a webpage was opened in which the index and summaries of present studies can be seen. Starting with 2009, the webpage´s editorial board has renounced its circulation rights to the CEEOL database; digital access to the original format of the published studies being now possible only through the mediation of said database, and access to the printed format is available through the Reîntregirea publishing house.