Mihai HIMCINSCHI, Monahismul – o mărturie misionară prin sfinţenia vieţii

Abstract: Monasticism – a missionary confession through the sanctity of life. In the missionary doctrine of the Church the monasticism is illustrated as the highest and purest form of Christian piety and virtue, but also the most reliable way to heaven.

Monasticism is an abnegation of the world in its passionate and corruptible, concupiscent and degrading meaning, in particular of everything that is sinful in it, but above all it is an abnegation of the world’s humanistic system, of its social and purely natural structure, not an abnegation of the world in cosmic and creational meaning. Not the matter in itself, but the attraction towards the lowest is the reason for the evil in the soul; in itself the matter cannot prevent souls from striving for the better.

For the Church’s mission to be complete it takes an increase of the quality of the Christian life in an ascetic-mystic rhythm confirmed in the monastic living, having the role model of Christ the Savior.