Laurenţiu N. STAMATIN, Les moines et les religieuses de Moldavie, d’Olténie et de Valachie au service sanitaire de l’armée en 1877-1878

Abstract: Monks and nuns from Moldavia, Oltenia and Wallachia in the service of the army medical service in 1877-1878. The Romanian War of Independence took place between 1877 and 1878 and has been waged against the Ottoman Empire. The Romanian state was not prepared for that military confrontation. With the budget at its disposal, the Ministry of War could not meet the needs of the front. They appealed to the spirit of sacrifice of the Romanian people, all walks of life being involved in that process of supporting the military. Responding to the call addressed ​​by the civil and church authorities, the monks and nuns from the Romanian monasteries of Moldavia, Oltenia and Wallachia accomplished ​​their duty to the country and contributed in a special manner to the success of military operations. Thus, leaving the silence of their chinovies, they have activated diligently to serve the army medical service, either as stretcher bearers or as nurses. This article presents in detail the acts and facts of those Church ministers committed to the purpose aforesaid, during the military hostilities of the “Bulgarian plains”.

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