Alexandru MOLDOVAN, Chemarea primilor ucenici – o perspectivă neotestamentară asupra fenomenului vocaţiei

Abstract: The call of the first disciples. New Testament perspective upon the phenomenon of Vocation. Following Christ as His disciple is a commitment to Jesus whose personality had a strong mark upon human history. It is obvious that the commitment to Christ was understood and practiced in various ways and that is why we thought it appropriate taking into consideration the theme of vocation or calling. Among the Christian’s duties we have the one of periodically revising one’s devotion to Jesus and the analyses of the extent to which the person is involved in this. This is an exam that must be taken starting from the biblical roots of the vocational phenomenon. Today’s Christians are not contemporary to Jesus. The impact Christ has upon them is not the same as the impact He had upon His contemporaries. What we know about Him has revitalized man’s connection to God through His “new teaching – and with authority” (Mk 1: 27b), this knowledge did not come to us through some reports or some audio-visual documents. Throughout time, Christ’s followers had to depend upon the testimony of Jesus’ contemporaries who had become His disciples and who, at Christ’s commandment, continued His mission of teaching (Mt 28: 19-20). However, the devotion that today’s disciples have towards Jesus has to be as strong as the image of Christ as it is presented in the Gospel and in the entire New Testament.